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333 Meaning

The meaning of 333 is love love love.


Love God, love people and the love you so desire will be yours.
How do I focus on God loving me without thinking about me? That is a good question and a difficult thing to do. And yet real love is always like this not self obsessed but other oriented.

A clue of what to do: God empowers us to do it.


Keep searching

Evangelicals = ‘I was brought up Catholic.’ Doesn’t that mean they did something right?
Mystics = ‘I am god’ Could there be something bigger?
Atheists = ‘A rainbow is made from water acting like a prism.’ Knowing that doesn’t make rainbows any less amazing to see.

If so inclined read more…
God loves us

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6 thoughts on “333 Meaning

  1. God loves me? I struggle with this very often. I feel like He doesn’t when I am struggling so much. I often don’t see or feel him. How can I know he loves me?

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    1. I think we all struggle with this. I think this is the reason He made us. To grow in understanding of just how much He really does love us. Reading the Bible is a good place to start. It washes our hearts. Pray. Talk and Listen to Him. It makes the relationship grow. Don’t give up. I don’t always get along with my wife but we remain married and get closer through the good times and bad.


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