How many times have I thought that? How many things are wrong with it?
First the hope. Hope is for things not seen. Alright it is correct that I haven’t seen heaven.
Hope in this sentence is more of a wish than a believing that Jesus will and already has gotten me to heaven. Not even after death but He has gotten me into His kingdom now.

Anyway the hope is a wish not a real hope. I hope my wife loves me. I know that she does. I believe her. I hope our love will last forever and i know it will. This has gotten easier because we have been married 30 years but I still wonder sometimes and that is anti-hope.

Secondly, I can’t do anything to earn His kingdom. All my good acts of kindness and ministries and trying to act right are worth nothing. Why? Because, He is so much more good that my tiny things which aren’t worth anything especially when or if He did not ask me to do them. Even if He did, I can not earn eternal life.

I believe Jesus died for me and that He loves me completely and wholelly right now. This is a better statement but a harder one to believe.
‘Father, help me believe with all of me (my whole being) the love that you have for your self/Son that you extend to me moment by moment of every day.’

I Don’t wish I could do enough. I know He already has done it all.
His freedom and forgiveness is priceless. Thinking I could buy it with all I have or with all the world is proud and I’m sick of thinking that way.

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