Where I am is not what I think.

I need to be honest with myself about being deceived. About me deceiving myself.

And I need to be led by Jesus toward the truth. I am actually his beloved son.


I am separate from Him while I am not worshiping but I am utterly consumed by Him wrapped up and unaware of myself when I am captured by His grace.

I need to grow into more often kingdom living.

I can learn a lot more but I need to be less focused on myself.
He will point out things I need to work on and I must do the work without taking my eyes off of Him.

Honesty and truth need to be united,

He likes me and says I’m good. I turn that into I am a god. Or I feel so utterly unworthy that I know He will not accept me. The truth is He does accept me right now and always.
Somehow God who can not look at evil looks at me. I think it is through Jesus.

Someway God loves me and encourages me to accept His righteousness through Jesus.

‘I believe You, Jesus.’

‘Help me to believe more and more.’

It is dealing with my spirit. I can say in my mind ‘oh yeah I believe all that’ but do I really?
Am I believing like the guy who rode in a wheelbarrow of the high wire acrobat across Niagra falls?
& http://www.stjohnsparkville.org/day-3-getting-in-a-wheelbarrow.html)

wheel borrow.jpg

God wants to show me where I am at least where I think I am. Then call me to higher thoughts where I actually am with Him. I am pure. I am free.

‘Father, help me to quit deceiving myself and believe deeper what you say.’


I don’t love musings as much as stories so…

There once was a person who thought they were a caterpillar when actually they were a butterfly. It took a lot of convincing but eventually the butterfly/person learned to fly and kept flying with its teacher in heaven for eternity.


Jas 1:22 (NET) ” 22 But be sure you live out the message and do not merely listen to it and so deceive yourselves. ”


Isn’t this real belief? Climbing in the wheelbarrow of the high wire walker. Taking on my own cross which Jesus bore for freedom.


Psalm 139

Buy a wheelbarrow