I have had the joy of flipping a mental coin in my mind in order to discipline my mind.
The coin says “I can do all things through Jesus Christ” on one side and “Without Jesus Christ, I can do nothing.” on the other.
I need both in order to maintain hope, faith and love. One side gives me hope and the other keeps my pride at bay.


Frustration and becoming irritated and angry have been hindering my progress lately. Yesterday I realized that faith in Jesus, His hope and love can help me deal with it better. I have hope that things will work out for my good. I believe God will provide and complete all that He has started and I know He loves me. It all just dissolves the frustration and puts my eye back on what is important that Jesus loves me.


An interesting after note is how to say two sides of the same coin in Hindi:

एक सिक्के के दो पहलु  or    ‘ek sikke ke do pahalu’