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Jesus be with you

Personal Reminders:

Blog what Jesus teaches me -NOT- find teachings that fit a blog idea.

Be honest. Be brave.


Even if I don’t like it – publish.  I may come to like it later.  Or it’s for someone else.


God can use everything to tell me something.  Today I watched Stranger than Fiction and was struck by the similarity of Harold Crick to Jesus.  Both knew ahead of time what was going to happen -they would die.  But Jesus decided to do it anyway!  Praise you Jesus.

Following Jesus is so easy that it’s hard.  ‘Father help simplify me.’

I don’t know how to say this so that I will understand it later.  Only blog out of love.  I can decide to let Jesus love me.  I am the one lacking or misled or afraid.  He is here right now loving me and compelling me to love everyone.  My goal is to write from this perspective.  How often I forget, and yet, the times I don’t -Praise Jesus!


fav worship = kiss son

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