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Jesus be with you


Evangelism is my first goal.

Don’t let any excuse cut the legs out from the great commission.

Preach the gospel. Jesus loves me so much as to give His life as substitute for my sins .


Bob Jones sr. was very conservative and very on fire with gifts of the Holy Spirit like prophecy.   We can and need to have both dedication to the gospel with fire. Not necessarily fire and brimstone nor strange fire without the gospel.

But a powerful fire fueled by the King and shepherd of His kingdom – Jesus Christ – the second Person in the trinity.  Not a human Person although He became man but a divine Person in the single One God.

How can three equal one?  The same way 3 dimensional beings can grasp a fourth or fifth dimension. There is some mystery with the availability of discovery.


Alas I must keep the gospel simple as it is.  Jesus died for me. I can now live and be holy. Only by His grace, His free gift.


It is the most exciting gift I ever will receive and I pray that I grow in revelation and understanding of it.

Ps. We need an inspired teacher to do the grounding.


2 thoughts on “Prophet

  1. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while, Scott. Ben busy and just haven’t taken time to read. Thanks for encouraging me to come back to reading some of my favorite writers, like you.

    “Alas I must keep the gospel simple as it is” This is so true! To often, we try and explain things way to much and then get caught up in conversations that have nothing to do with being saved. Billy Graham preached the same message all the time. Repent and be saved. Keep it simple. Oh, how we need to get back to that!

    Have a blessed day

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