What is God saying to me through this passage?

Go and kill your family would not be an acceptable answer…  Try reading other passages to see if they back this up or not
‘I found where God said to kill people, so i guess its right’
This is the kind of objection to taking the bible too seriously that non Christians raise.
Of course this is an extreme example but Christians do misinterpret things in the bible and hurt each other and refuse to love each other as a consequence.  This is certainly going against what is commanded in the bible maybe not the hurt part but at least to live in peace.
I was really getting bogged down in this when I came across a blog that was discussing it and in the middle two people started discussing something else.  It really perturbed me.  What the off task people decided was that they were thankful that someone would love them just because they are Christian and thanked each other for the communication that was so sweet.
At first it still bothered me.  I like information to be neat and in orderly boxes.  Then it occurred to me that this is more the purpose of the bible than doctrines.  Doctrines may be the place of traditions and smart people who really know their stuff.
But the bible is really God’s love letter to us.
I don’t often read love notes from my wife the same way I read newspaper articles.
God just wants us to spend time with Him and communicate with us.  The bible can do this.  I don’t know how but I’ve seen it happen.
Ps. I’m not saying throw out all the doctrine from it.  I’m just saying there is more to it.
A better part actually.
In fact history has proven that the smart people who come up with doctrines are just as able to make mistakes as the rest of us and the bible has helped to correct these.
Even if a person wants to be sola scriptura they must admit that a lot of the interpretations that they have themselves come from traditions.  Just look at some commentaries and listen and hear the current trends on different non dogma beliefs.   One example is repeating a prayer to get saved.  Is it biblical or not?  It depends on the taught interpretation.  Do we ever see Jesus asking someone to repeat a prayer like ‘I repent’ or do we see Him telling people to go and sin no more.
I might be hitting some tender spots now.  I’m not afraid to be called a heretic.  As long as I’m not called someone who doesn’t love Jesus.
I’m not in any way saying throw out the bible.  Why would we ever throw out the word of God?  I believe His words are understood by all people at all times.  But I know personally I change in my understanding of things.  My church changes in understanding of things. This is not bad.  God never changes – we must.
Perhaps my own thoughts are inconsistent with the traditions.  I need to look close at these.  More than likely I’m the one wrong.  Sometimes the traditions are completely off base.  If after careful and thorough time with God about an issue in this direction I should not be afraid to be a reformer.
Our culture dictates a lot of our traditions.  This culture I live in is all about self.  This has led to some current church traditions that are too focused on selves instead of focused on Jesus.  This is a problem.
I tend to ask myself ‘what is the easiest most comfortable way to follow Jesus?’  The answer is that it will not be comfortable and it will not be easy but it will be full.  It will be full of His love for me and for me to extend that to everyone around me and especially those in need.
I am finite.  I can only know what I know right now.  More will be added later.  Therefore I need to continue to change what I believe into more correct versions.  I will never change the fact that Jesus loves me but I will grow into deeper understanding of it by His free grace.
I guess the point is that this deeper understanding of things is not separate from the black and white interpretation issue.  If I am with Jesus – in prayer and listening to Him by reading the bible I will tend to not loose the most important things such as He loves me.
One final example and a pet-peave I have is when people say the command love your neighbor as your self means love yourself.  I have lately seen more commentaries that say this self love is understood as already existing.  But there remains conflicting views.
When I realize Jesus loves me so much more than I ever could why would I want to spend time loving myself instead of loving Him?  Furthermore I already do spend way to much time loving myself  in which I must go and sin no more.
PPS Sorry no picture.  My culture is also in a rush.  Although usually not to the detriment of looking bad.