Thank you Jesus for life, love and hope which are all yours. Forgive me for entertaining in the least bit any doubt and dislike of the precious gifts you constantly give.

Job 19:25 [NIV] “I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

Today in church our speaker was one of my favorites, Chris Haley. His message was about the word of God, one of his favorite topics. At first I thought he was being too intellectual. I only wanted to know about spirit because I have been bewildered by what spirit means.
Then at the end of his talk he said that Jesus teaches us what the spirit means.
I was shocked that God would answer my question so directly. It was like Jesus was face to face with me answering my question with terrifying authority and infinite gentleness at the same time.

He calls me to just be with Him. One central theme in the bible is that God is with us. I want Him to continue teaching me how to be with Him. No matter what it takes.

In the material world I can get whatever I want if I am willing to work real hard at it and invest a lot of myself to get it. Many things are possible to obtain almost anything.
But in the spiritual world I can not get anything without help. This is the design of our creator because everything works together. Separation gets nothing. Togetherness offers every spiritual and good thing.
Let us all work together. ‘Jesus let not pride cause any seperation in me. Humble me again and again. I need you despirately and utterly to complete who I am.’

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