Tonight during work instead of thinking ‘I’m tired very tired. I tried thinking ‘Jesus is refreshing me’.
I felt refreshed. He did it. Not so much because I said it or even asked. Just because He is utterly good.

Thy will be done.

I have wrote about this before but it needs refreshing in my mind.
Before I used to think that I had to pray ‘thy will be done’ as an out for when God did not do what I needed Him to.

Now I see that His will is beautiful. It is better then what I want. It is sweet.


I was thinking on the ride home from work today which was amazing that the devil did not want to do God’s will. The devil thought that it would be easy to help people to not want it either. The devil does try and convince me that God is not out for my own good.

Didn’t he do that to Eve and Adam? He convinced them that God was holding something back and if they took matters into their own hands they would be better off.

Anything I do will not remedy the situation like doing the will of God. Sure I can try to sleep more to have enough rest so that I am not as tired at work tomorrow. But asking Him to refresh me today is so much better. What am I supposed to do with the rest of the day while I am tired anyway?

He refreshes me. His will is refreshing.
To God be the glory. This is a weird Christian saying but it is so true. Everything good is because of God. I am not having a bad day. I am only failing to give Him credit for the glorious things He has done and is doing and will continue to do.

Morning glory
I think this flower is a good symbol of giving God glory. It is a morning glory after all.


During the ride home I saw probably six deer. I prayed that I would stay safe and the deer would stay off the road. When I finally came up my own road which is very dark and in the country, I kept having this concern that I should slow down because a deer might walk across the road. I slowed down and was ready to stop when a cute fawn crossed slowly slipping across the pavement in front of me. Instead of the usual emergency situation, I was able to enjoy the cuteness of the little baby as it trotted off the road on the other side.

I felt both upset with God because He let a deer cross my path but also delighted that He had me slow down so that there was no danger and I enjoyed the cuteness and closeness of the little deer.
This is how God works. He is not interested in my will of no deer in my path. He is interested in me learning that He is keeping me safe in His way which is far more delightful then my idea of seeing no deer at all.


One more aspect of His will being sweet is feeling good because His will can not be stopped. It may be delayed by my mistakes and my stubborn stupidity but His way can not be permanently thwarted. It will in the end happen exactly how He planed.

This is bad for an evil person because they will end up in a bad place.
But it is hopeful for anyone who chooses Jesus. He is available to everyone and anyone can choose Him at any time. This is great news. There is hope for everyone. Even me.


I might even say that His will is that everyone turns to Him.
This is sweet and inhuman. There are many times when I want people to go away. God is never like this. He always wants me to come to Him forever, deeper and closer.