“I just woke up,” I panted. When we were in high school and someone pulled down the pants of another person in gym class we would say they got pantsed.
I never understood why someone would do that. although it was pretty funny.

The obvious meaning of pant that comes to me is when a dog pants or animal breathes real hard to catch its breath. This is not real exciting to me. The final image that keeps coming to me is when two people make love and they pant during the act.

I guess having sex is a natural and good thing for married couples to do. I have struggled with it through out my life. I had sex too early and it caused me some difficulty as my wife got pregnant when she was 19. After the rough start I started getting involved with pornography and I have always thought that this caused a rip in our sex life.

Today I am healed from all the pain and consequences of these horrible behaviors. Praise Jesus. it is good to be able to look for the beauty of everyone within rather than just their skin.


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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 19/17