I was on vacation. When else throughout the year do I have time to wait for the sun to set? A tragic but true fact.

So I wasn’t even thinking of trying to see the sunset but someone suggested it.  So my wife and daughter waited to see the sunset over Lake Erie. It took forever to see. After much waiting, it finally set. It was worth the wait.


Several wonderful things happened while we waited. We got to be together. We go to walk along the beach. And we relaxed enough to take in a beautiful moment full of the grandeur of God.

The second sunset we saw was not as amazing to see but occurred in the same unexpected way. it happened without trying and on a different lake. This time it was Chautauqua Lake. We just finished identifying a flowering bush as a rose of Sharon bush which is a nickname for Jesus when we noticed the sun.

It reminded us of the Son of God, Jesus.


The third sunset happened sequentially on the third day after the first two days. This one was different. We were no where near a lake and completely missed the sunset. I thought it would be cool to see the sunset three days in a row and asked God if this would be possible that I would appreciate it.

So I was mildly disappointed.
Then my wife noticed that the light was still visible on a nearby mountain. I did not want to try to drive up the mountain because I thought it was too far away and I knew how fast the sun sets and that it was impossible to catch it.
I have mentioned this before. She is not one to give up so easily. She said drive West. So we did for a while and the whole time it kept getting darker.
I thought of a scenic overlook that was higher up so we drove there just to check.

God somehow delivered. It was not possible. Somehow He turned time back. He must have caused the sun to reverse direction in order to postpone as much light as we saw on that overlook.

It is the only logical explanation.

The sun does not wait and does not reverse direction and yet that is the only way to explain the possibility of driving within the speed limit, up a small incline and ‘catching’ the sunset after the designated time for its setting.


Besides being mentally blown away by this gift, I learned something. Jesus is glad when I ask Him for things. So glad in fact that He will move worlds and stars to show His appreciation.

Even now I am doubting that this happened. Of course time did not reverse. But it doesn’t matter if it did or not. I witnessed His love. He gave me what I asked for which was a spectacular unexpected and seemingly impossible demonstration of His love for me.

Whether it happened as I imagined or not, the reality is that Jesus’ loves me. He really loves me.

1Thess 1:5 (KJ2000) ” 5 For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit, and in much assurance; as you know what manner of men we were among you for your sake. “