When I think of the connection between these two words, I think of the relationship quality of the word sealing like sealing a contract between two people or sealing two people together in marriage.

Ceiling on the other hand is like a limit like a glass ceiling. It represents what knowing facts is all about. I can know that the sky is blue and that is a limit to the sky.

Can I know the sky like I know my wife?

In some respects. I can be sealed to the sky by looking at it daily. I can appreciate the many forms of clouds I see. I can predict the weather patterns by recognizing similar patterns.

I would like rather for my marriage to be a growing sealing between my wife and I as oppossed to a limiting ceiling where I have signed the paper and have nothing left to do or learn about her. To know how she feels on a daily basis and to recognize what she needs.

Likewise, I want my relationship with Jesus to be a relationship not rules and regulations,
‘Jesus seal me to you.’

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 22/17