I’m afraid of writing this way.  What if some secret slips out?  I think Jesus would be brave.  His mind is certainly never afraid but always listening.

I am thankful for the wonderful things He does in my life.  I am thankful for my wife.


I feel like my mind is so far away from His.  It is a goal beyond ever accomplishing.  And yet there is hope.  I hope to be one small bit closer to how He thinks.  How precious and loving are His thoughts toward me?


Yesterday at the beach with my wife, firstly we couldn’t swim because the beach was closed.  So we walked.  It was beautiful.  Then she did not give up as there were several other beaches present at this park so we investigated.  I really thought she was insane for trying but she is persistent.

Then one was open so we enjoyed swimming for a long time and the water was the perfect temperature.  We love sunbathing and feeling the warmth of the sun on our newly moistened bodies.  It is such a comforting feeling.

While we layed there I thought about why God made beaches.  Did He know we would love them so much and made them just for that reason?  I think so.  I just imagined Him thinking before He created anything of me and thinking, ‘hey I’m gonna make beaches for people because they enjoy them so much.’

It is what I would do for my children.

So I asked my wife if she thought it was true and she told me how He not only thinks these good things for me but every grain of sand is not enough to represent all the good thoughts He has for me.

I also thought it was interesting that the water represents His Spirit and the sand is kind of like me because I am made of earth and dust.  The beach is the place where earth meets water and yesterday it was the place where I met God.


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