God is able.

Decisions are important.

It started when I was late for work. I knew I had extra things to do and I was teasing my wife – something I should learn not to do.  I was teasing her about how even if I say I’m not late I still am. She was right of course. There is always time for God’s plan.

So I got there late knowing I had extra things to do. I work at a newspaper and we have to put the ads next to the insert machine to insert them into the paper. We have a person to do this work so I assumed it would be done when I got there but he was out sick with food poisoning. (feeling much better now)

My usual reaction would have been to start sweating and hurry to get it all done myself. Today was different. Perhaps it was the kind words of my wife that helped.

I decided to trust that God would help me get done what needed to and what didn’t would be OK. Actually it was more like God helping me react better. He gave me a peace and calmness that went beyond my normal stressing.

It did require my decision to trust Him but He made everything else happen. All the work got done and it felt easier than usual. This does not fit my understanding and that is fine. Jesus is beyond my understanding. He is my guide and teacher.

‘Thank You, Jesus for all you did today especially leading my heart to trust You more.’