It was a busy day for Scott Raymond. He woke up late and began the long day with a quick glance at a bible verse namely Psalm 100.

The message was obvious. He needed to thank God and praise Jesus.

He didn’t feel like it. He was in too much of a hurry to get to work.

During the car ride which was  30 minutes long, he listened to the car radio playing some worship music and sang a little but without much sincerity.

Later while working He said that He remembered to humbly adore Jesus. He sang a sincere praise from that place of worship in his heart. It was a simple song like ‘Jesus, I love you.’ The words didn’t matter. It was the openness expressed and submission to the King of kings. An humble apprehension of the Most High God.


While interviewing Mr. Raymond He indicated that God is the one who made the stars and remarked if any person could even conceive of doing such a thing. He said, “How do you make a star?”

He continued to explain that He finally could sit down and relax in a chair with his eyes closed and be with God still and in peace.

still water

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Exercise to be still