I want to show what one passage can mean by translating it two different ways.

The passage is John 1:1 (KJ2000) ” 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ”
OK, first interpretation is, ‘the creative force that flows through the universe was there at the begining and is now present and was in Jesus while He was alive.’

The second translation is that Jesus somehow was born in the middle of time but then time travelled to the begining and is at the same time at the end.

The second one seems very outlandish and not understandable by my puny human mind.

The trouble is my puny human mind does not give me hope, can not redeem me and offers no help for the difficulties I face.
That doesn’t mean I believe it because of what it can do for me. I don’t believe it because it’s the easiest thing to believe. I believe it because it is true and it has been revealed, demonstrated and proven to me empirically.

This revealed knowledge is the most dangerous thing and should not be trusted. (I’m being a little sarcastic)

Also if John 1:1 is debunked all of Christianity will be doomed and no one will have to listen to this crazy chatter any more. (I’m being very sarcastic)
It Does Not Matter (see note on IDM) what I believe. Jesus already defeated the evil one. This also does not make sense but it does if I am free from things that had me bound by His redeeming love.

Let me slow down. Tooo many thoughts in one sentence;
First Jesus won already. So it doesn’t matter what anyone does to Christians or doesn’t do.

Second Jesus wins in a personal life when the person is freed from all the things that bring them down. This happens only when a person volunteers to believe and follow Him.

Lastly Jesus will win in a final moment and turn the whole earth back into the perfect paradise without any evil present any more.

Many imagine this to be a big battle but I’m not sure. One thing I do know is that it takes a long time. Think about how long it takes a person to have their heart touched by the love of the savior. The stages of human development.
Now put that on a world stage where whole civilizations have evolved learning more about what God means.
When I imagine the first cave men inventing fire compared to today and people really showing great concern for each other. Wanting to protect each other and wanting to love. I think we have come a long way. So maybe the soonists are right.

I can’t say i have any idea of what God’s endgame looks like. If it is anything like my personal redemption and how He redeemed every person throughout time who believes, then I think it will involve some kind of tremendous serving love that is far beyond what any human can imagine.

note on IDM: In a personal sense, it matters a lot what I believe. No one can love me unless I believe they love me which builds the relationship and trust. So as far as my free will and personal choice to let Jesus’ love penetrate me, belief has a lot to do with it.
As far as the truth goes, what I believe has no effect. Jesus still loves me whether I believe it or not. This fact goes beyond what my world (parallel universe ad infinitum ) has bought into. Somehow the tree in front of my face might not hurt when I run into it because I believe the atoms are 99% space. ‘Ouch.’ I just got hit in the face with a branch.

This gives me great joy and peace. People are not going to make or break God’s plan. God will take exactly how much time He wants and use exactly the number of people He chooses to enact the final mission.

Two more things. I want to be part of it and I believe God wants the whole world to be part of it. I remember a saying about He is delaying so that more get saved.
One final note. I’m not saying everyone has to believe in Jesus. If no one does that is their choice. All I’m saying is that no one gets to heaven unless they have a close relationship with Jesus that is drawing them closer. Not far away relationship that is pushing them farther.

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Ending prayer. ‘Father help me to remember it is always better to talk to you than about you. Help my faith to grow more secure in you that I really believe you are taking care of everything. I know you are taking care of me. Help me serve you better and serve everyone around me better by offering the love that overflows.’