“Lisa smudge reporting. We finally found the strongest superhero in all comic universes. He is stronger than the Hulk and needs no provocation to increase his strength. He already is infinitely stronger than the strongest strong that the strongest human imagination can come up with.


His name is Captain Christmas. Unfortunately his name is rather ridiculous but He’s hoping it will catch on since He named himself.”  weight-lift


What this reporter did not know is that no one else could give him a different name. Captain Christmas has all the control of every x-man ever invented so he keeps everyone’s mind from coming up with different names for him. This is in fact happening right now.


Captain Christmas became bored of saving the world so he decided to do something really different.

He said, “I am going to morph into a baby of a very poor family and see what it is like to grow up poor and powerless.”



In the end all the good things that happened to Captain Christmas were repaid and the bad things were punished.
But this was not the end of the story.


Lisa smudge: “One more thing. Captain Christmas is so powerful  that he is enabling people to be more loving to each other right now through his power of mind persuasion. He is not actually mind controlling anyone but just offering suggestions that they can decide to listen to or ignore.”



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