drain pipe.jpg  sink hole.jpg


I had a hole in my driveway from the ice. The ice raises up the ground and allows the ground to erode quickly and forms holes. I must fill in the hole much like a drain gets clogged. Little by little with small material until it is completely filled. It is not a permanent fix but is stable enough for a car to drive over.
The other ‘hole’ I had to deal with was my clogged sink. It was difficult to remove all the matter so that the water could flow freely. I had to take apart several sections of PVC pipe. Clean them thoroughly and then plunge the remaining sections that were not accessible. I let the water flow and then pushed and pulled with a plunger. Finally all the little sections of gunk were released and water flowed freely.

It was funny to me afterward that on the same day I had to clog and unclog something.
How much my life is like that I thought. Unclogging the junk in my mind and heart and life to let Jesus love flow on the one hand and growing in faith little by little adding to my willingness to participate in His grace.
God is sooo great.