I remember myself as a little boy probably 4 years old. Crying in my bed because I couldn’t help thinking that I was junk. My parents came in to comfort me and said that God doesn’t make junk.
Unacceptable. Even now it just deadens the pain. A pain killer. what is the consequence of pain killers? – death for one.
They could not answer me because they did not know that God loves them either.


Yes I am junk. From my point of view there is no reason not to think that I am junk. But in being junky I am also completely blind to the way God sees things. In His light He reveals to me what He really thinks of me.

It is not a mental assent. It is not convincing arguments. It is a journey only I can make by myself up the mountain to the temple of Jesus Christ. Of course this is figurative speech to explain spiritual stuff. But don’t be too spooked out. Jesus meets all of us here down in the muck in our blindness and junkiness.


Oh what good news is this?
It is not of the quality of news such as today will be sunny but rather of the quality of good news such as your cancer was cured!