I read some posts today:


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I recommend them all.  I realize my brief description is too brief.


There is a general insecurity about doctrine. Do people know that Jesus is the only way to be saved? Or is the gospel being watered down. Why is this a fear among Christians? Because it is true. There is a trend to make all ways equal and unite all ‘religions’ in this world. It is only scary if I am a pagan.

I don’t want my god to get lost among the million other gods. Don’t forget the Creator who’s Son entered this world through a virgin named Mary is the one and only true force to be reckoned with.
I am called first and foremost to reconcile with Him.
‘Jesus take me back. Ruin me with your love.’

Then to extend His love to those around me. It is a cup overflowing. A fountain springing to eternal life.

Yes there will be trials but He strengthens. He endures.
I have Isaiah 55:11 and a thought. We don’t need to worry about how it will all turn out. Jesus already revealed how it ends. He wins. I would add that He wins in ways that we don’t understand. His gentle love wins. The man who rehabbed His son to walk knows this kind of winning.


Watch son walk

‘Praise you Jesus. You are too wonderful for me.’