One day He will indicate that I should save money. The next week He will indicate that I should spend all I have in my wallet. There is no hard and fast rule to follow.
I want the rule and He gives me the relationship. He knows better than even myself whether I am relying too much on money instead of loving other people or whether something is going to pop up where I will need money. One time I even got the notion to offer someone $100 dollars. They rejected it. I didn’t understand why God would give me a directive and then not have it work out the way I wanted. Which was of course me saving the day and being a great guy by giving money to someone. Then my car happened to need a one hundred dollar repair. It was so much easier to take because I was going to give the money away anyway.

It meant a lot to me. Instead of being sad about the car breaking and angry about having to spend money on it, I felt so loved by Him.

This is how He works. It probably blessed the person just to have the offer anyway. so He took care of two things with one swift action.

Which brings me to today.
The one two punch: God often sets me up. The first hit is a setup for the knock out punch.
1 Jesus is responsible for everything. He is the reason for every good thing,
2 His word always accomplishes what it was set out to do. His word never ends.
First He gave me a song to express it and praise Him by:
Every good thing

Every good thing

I was having trouble, still do, with feeling proud about participating with God in His marvelous work. Even at work, I am able to do more than I would without God. But then instead of thanking Him and giving Him the credit, I think things like, ‘look at the good job I did.’ Really I didn’t do any of it. This goes for everything I see. All the good in life every penny every blessing. it is all God.
‘Thank you Jesus.’

Secondly I heard this song:

Your words:

Your words

I can’t say that I understand His Word. I understand that it is living though.

I understand that His Word can come by reading the Bible because I experience this every day. It’s like the words wash me and He directs me to which ones to pay attention to. It’s not spooky. It is simply an inclination toward certain passages. Or a highlight of a certain word or phrase. Or an idea about the phrase.

This kind of Word through the Bible is called Rhema – I was told in Sunday School.
God can lead us all the time. I need to recall His words. Be humble and forgive. Love your enemies. Pray for them.
Every word in the Bible is not wasted. His word remains forever longer than the stars and every created thing. When everything else disappears – His word will remain.

Jesus is the Word. I guess understanding ‘the word’ would be like understanding Jesus. I can not ever really understand Him with my puny mind, but I can get to know HIm.
‘Praise you Jesus for letting me get to know you.